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MobileROI, Mobile ROI, marketing, Uber, Mobile, customer journey, customer experience, Removing Friction, Eliminating Friction, contactless payments, Apple Pay
11 Ways to Eliminate Friction From Your Customer's journey

Strategy Synopsis

Context Marketing, Contextual Marketing, Situationally-Aware, Internet of Things, Sensors, Marketing, MobileROI, Mobile ROI
Context Marketing: The Rise of Relevance


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iBeacon, Beacon Marketing Strategy, Mobile Engagement, App Engagement, Best Practices, Mobile ROI, MobileROI
iBeacon Marketing Strategy : Five Drivers of Success

Strategy Synopsis

MobileROI, Mobile ROI, Mobile, Segmentation, Segments, Personalization, Mobile Marketing, Personalized Marketing, Mobile Targeting
18 Ways to Segment Your Mobile Users

Strategy Synopsis

Mobile Predictive Analytics, Mobile Engagement, App Engagement, Best Practices, Mobile ROI, MobileROI
Predictive Analytics: The Recipe for Success in Today's Mobile-First World


Mobile Measurement, Best Practices, Mobile ROI, MobileROI, Whitepaper, mobile KPI
Moving Beyond Vanity Metrics
Mobile App Measurement 2.0


Personalized, Mobile Marketing, Media Marketing Mobile, Publisher Mobile App Strategy, Newspaper Mobile App Strategy, Mobile Engagement, App Engagement, Best Practices, Mobile ROI, MobileROI, Whitepaper
The Pillars of a Great Mobile Strategy for Media Brands

Strategy Synopsis

Mobile App Strategy, Mobile Engagement, App Engagement, Best Practices, Mobile ROI, MobileROI, Whitepaper
63 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Mobile App


Mobile Relationships, MRM, Mobile Engagement, App Engagement, Best Practices, Mobile ROI, MobileROI
The Mobile Relationship Management Playbook



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